1 click to get in customer phone, 1 link to share !

Share all business links in 1 link. Includes standard vcf format to share on whatsapp ! !

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Follow super simple 3 step process


Click on "Get it now" button & fill required details.


Choose a plan & pay nominal fee


Enter Social, Business links & follow the instructions.

Get business growing

Digital is the new way

Be digital now. Any business can be Digital. Though traditional businesses are suffering a slow down, digital businesses are growing. So why not you start digital activity now ? Start it using a card, all in one digital business card.

Every one can buy it

Almost any business can use digital visiting cards & grow. Sharing a physical paper is a risk today, sharing a link is the new way ! Let people get all business related links at one place. Not required to attach a file.

How to use

Using digital visiting cards is super simple. We are first to provide shortest links to share digital business cards using a1g.in platform. You can share it on "SMS" or "whatsapp" or "add to email" or "add it in social media posts" or "add it to own website" or "add 1 line in advertisements" etc.- . No settings needed. If you are a tech savvy , you may share a .vcf format which we provide.

No recurring payment

We would continue to preserve cards for you digitally for a long period (20 years) without any extra charges on achieving our minimum number of customers. Our minimum customer number is 1 lac users which is projected to be achieved by end of 2021. Our 50% off offer can be availed by person you refer or forward a card to. Do not shy in sharing a card. You now got a reason to message customers.

Saves money

Today any advertising is a cost. Typically it is required to share email , phone and social details which require 3 line in any advertisement you see. If you use a link which we provide you would be saving at least 2 lines. Sharing a line creates a smart impression too. So why to spend for extra lines ? Its better be smart and saving money.

Super simple 3 step process

1. Click on "Get it now" button & fill required details.
2. Choose a plan & pay nominal fee
3. Enter Social, Business links & follow the instructions.

Get it now

Features and pricing

We are lowest to offer all below features in one digital visiting card.

1. Downloadable .vcf format

Contains all normal fields as below

Phone Number, Email, Address

We are adding below additional details at no extra amount

Short url to showcase all details in 1 link as a "website" .

Business website option is provided to appear under company section.

2. Short url

1 link to share all contact details and links is divided in 3 sections as below

2.a. Contact Details

All details in a super simple to use format

Contains Phone number in a link format to call directly

Phone number as a link to Whats app message

Address in detail

2.b. Social Media Details

Below major and leading social platforms included as a link

Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter

We showcase a link as it is as you provide while registration

2.c. Business Profile

We are giving you a best option to add business profile

An opportunity to display product and services details and important business listings and links

It contains 3 products or services to display ,a link of Indiamart , Justdial or any other business listing website and 3 other important business links

Do not worry of multiple options we provide

You get a preview before making payment. You can check whether all details are correct and all links are working

Cheapest in industry


is the lowest so far

We offer discounts too.

Actual discount available would be displayed before making payment

Additional features

Action packed features which no one provides

Makes it convenient for customers to contact you, follow you and get business details.

Designed for you to increase business exponentially

Pay 1 time


₹ 900

as a 1 time payment.

Applicable taxes extra


“A1G.IN helped me get recurring consumers as never before, and at a zero cost practically. Though charges are nothings, results are amazing .”

..... Varun

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